A sweet problem/In my future I want to

I have so many good things in my life. And this is no complaint. Its a curse tho. The food I eat is clean, the place I live is old and nice, the love I have is extraordinary, the friends I have make me laugh and my health is great. How can I ever do with “almost” and “nearly” again? Its a sweet, sweet problem.
On pinterest I have a folder called “In my future I want to…”, here’s whats in it so far:

65654107039488971_Y3k5zw7T_cOwn a coffee shop – serving only extraordinary beans.

136374694935804633_usbV55Go_cHave/work in a big office like this

225672631298837732_T9Cjozeu_cBe able to do this

264656915572294965_4kSTKCko_cTravel the world in motorcycle


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