a romantic idea

I have this romantic idea of driving to Sweden, and trek though some rough swedish nature. I want to sleep in a tent, bring lots of coffee and blankets and a sturdy man. And I want to eat berries, and wear flannel shirts and chunky socks.

c25f73048dab2ce831962de3b4a02c7d 711968d2069687ad7ae7811e79b26844 81224d8a1e8c6973facad9094afd99ab 7665f53fc0e93110f6fa26467d92a65f37aa1ce9f6423eac6359162bdae07f696742fad1e5c0466097459905043985d577efc89ac98e17346cb33168cab9d252e77e41018e4db411c8d6c5ee80e5991b 360d903460a1db78c76f9dfe375ec241 2293fa162196d398e2ec067c3e4d0629ef58cbb96d80aec5df491ddf99926445annel shirts and big chunky socks.


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