patterns and colors

6a75e3042564a4acd992a1761d8b19753ba5b5fe471dfeb9f0032cc3a107b7ca 9b0af0fcb34b069966e6b11b72eae6b9 951ae1b3cb05b054efb2ca01027133e2ba68f504f98cdaaa3ba4372c02e208f59136ba9008d89bf1efb1366c1623ed6734562d376ceaa3ee0691a3edcda511f5da13a8fc9246b1229b54d0741d04b5c0a0a123ff13287a83311f03574bf91b59ad22545173a2ef1b800d0eca38c7c0c1 f51b177bd85c387096ed7e84bda5bc72


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