patterns and palettes

9b82db4114bef71b854d540695c47b23d06875fecd3b9c0faafb78925c4078b408613591ad70a70c44b88911efa22a583a5c303ec5ae1fa09634dbb91f3560dd 0208a1d01553ad3f438dd7d262acce64c8f559abffe8adefb8352b49a11b6ef131779d629247d0a3b5df28ce0a1f0d7c 479ab967fbee44a3e5d48abc881c44ea (1) 95835cfd04835f8d1e31c2f46862d49e 2aad96e8c97b324d00ea6bb5e25bf83f 6a50d00896575966409675903454cae8 2ee7e362790acd10dc7cc2c672689262 e2aa2e7235b86dc0f8d503e8453befe0


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