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The ‘my own garden’ issue

So its been a while since I posted something personal, but i’m pretty excited about my latest garden project.
I am renting a small piece of land just north of Copenhagen, and when I got it it was basically just a field of grass and weeds.

2015-11-19 15.29.29Above: November

2016-03-18 11.32.17

Above: March

2016-05-28 15.44.07Above: May

Ill keep you posted with tips about what Ive found starting the garden from scratch.

Eat, Personal


It’s fairly rare, that I share personal posts, but for the last month or so, I’ve stepped up my breakfast-game, and I figured you might be interested. If nothing else maybe it can inspire some of you?
I start with a base of skyr (Icelandic yogurt – very popular in Denmark), and then I do whatever fruit is in season in my parents garden (the bananas I buy at the grocery shop). I almost always add bananas since the add a lot of sweetness. I find this pretty healthy, and Im full until lunch at 12pm.

Figs, blueberrys and bananas – and a double shot of espresso

Kiwi, bananas and blueberries – and some camomile tea

Grapes, blueberries and bananas – and tea with milkfoam


so so so

… happy.
Do you know the feeling, that when everything is perfect* – completely perfect – you get scared?
I’m right there. The most scary part is, that you know, that things will suck again. I’m training myself to enjoy every second, but its hard pushing away the fear of things going wrong.
Here is to the perfect moments in life. Enjoy them while they last (cliché alarm, anyone?) – but seriously – I’ve never been happier. Gaaaah!

Have an amazing day.

*When I say perfect of course I don’t mean perfect as in I-make-granola-bars-and-work-out-everyday-and-at-the-same-time-Im-super-social-and-do-perfect-at-my-job
I just mean perfect as in perfect for me.. you know?